GIS/RS OSS Evaluation

In order to evaluate GIS &RS OSS products in the CASCADOSS context three main goals can be identified: marketing potential, technical potential and economic potential.

The meaning of these aspects is that a desirable GIS & RS OSS product has strong marketing position, its technical features match to the requirements of GMES end-users and the product is affordable and more economical than the proprietary products.

1. Marketing potential
  • The goal is to evaluate the marketing strength of the products.

2. Technical Potential

  • The goal is to evaluate the software quality in a standard way but focusing on technical issues

3. Economical Potential

  • The goal is to evaluate that how economical is the adoption and operation of the OSS software in subject comparing to proprietary ones.

 Most of the criteria identified below apply to all software packages, furthermore a weight or importance is given for every individual criterion, this weight will differ for the evaluation of different software types.

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