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HUMBOLDTTowards the Harmonisation of Spatial Information in Europe

The main goal of the Humboldt project is to enable organisations to document, publish and harmonise their spatial information. The software tools and processes created will demonstrate the feasibility and advantages of an Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe as planned by the INSPIRE initiative, meeting the goals of Global Monitoring for Environment and Security

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GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) is a European initiative for the implementation of information services dealing with environment and security.


GMES  based on observation data received from Earth Observation satellites and ground based information. These data will be coordinated, analysed and prepared for end-users.


Through GMES the state of our environment and its short, medium and long-term evolution will be monitored to support policy decisions or investments.


GMES is a set of services for European citizens helping to improve their quality of life regarding environment and security.


GMES is built up gradually: it starts with a pilot phase which targets the availability of a first set of operational GMES services by 2008 followed by the development of an extended range of services which meet user requirements.


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