Conference and Congressional Center
(Centrum Konferencyjno-Kongresowe PWSBiA)
9 Bobrowiecka Street
00-728 Warsaw 


The Conference and Congressional Center in the Public School of Business Administration (PWSBIA) in Warsaw is situated near the beautiful Lazienkowski Park in the center of the Polish capital.
The CCC is one of few places in Warsaw that offers – all under one roof – conference rooms, restaurants, bars, recreation center, car park, accommodation for 350 people, and a conference hall for 2500 persons! The CCC is also an experienced organizer of all kinds of events.

The International Symposium will take place in room # 406, the ONZ Aula. 


The International Information Workshop will take place in room # 402 and the computer lab. C-3



How to get to the venue?

Another advantage of the CCC is its geographic location. It is quite easy to get there by public transport (bus), or by taxi.

By taxi

Generally, it is recommended to order a corporation taxi by phone (esp. in the case of the railway station - please, see below). In many taxi corporations the operators can speak at least some English. We can suggest for example Sawa taxi (pronounced "Sava", or almost just like the French "how do you do" – "ca va"). It is not the cheapest (6 PLN starting fee plus 2,40 PLN per km daytime, 3,60 PLN per km night-time) but dependable. They "handle" both the airport and the railway station and declare that can take English orders :) Phone: +48 22 644 4444. Please, take a look at their visual identity here: Other options are for example Bayer taxi (96-67), Volfra Taxi (96-25), or the municipal taxi corporation, MPT (91-91). Unfortunately, we are not sure how your foreign cell phones would handle such 4-digit numbers, all we can say is that one shouldn't dial the city prefix (22) when calling them. 

When calling, you will obviously need to specify the pick-up point – please, read on for specifics regarding the Okęcie International Airport and the Warsaw Central train station.

Even if you easily manage to communicate with their operator, we still suggest that you print out the address of the venue and/or the map shown below in order to present it to the driver since it may well happen that they will not speak English. At the end of the ride, you should receive a little invoice (slip printed out from their VAT machine) - but it will obviously neither specify your (company) name nor the route, so you should ask the driver if you want to have something more detailed for your accounting purposes.

Payment: it MAY well happen that you will be able to pay with your credit card (note: CREDIT, not DEBIT). As we hear from Sawa, such possibility is practically guaranteed at the airport but not guaranteed at the train station. With other corporations, similar thing: it MAY happen but doesn't HAVE to happen that you'll be able to pay with plastic money. Usually taxis that accept credit cards have appropriate symbols displayed in windows. If not, you'll need cash.

Note: currently (May 2008) 1 Euro = about 3,3763 PLN, 1 USD = about 2,1843 PLN.

  • taxi at the Okęcie International Airport 

This is the only international airport in Warsaw so this is where you are bound to arrive if you choose air travel. It is located practically within the city proper, so you will not face an expensive 40-kilometer ride but rather an approximately 15-20-minute travel (traffic permitting) that should not cost you more than about 10 Euro (daytime).

If you decide to order taxi by phone, the most natural pick-up point would be in front of the arrival hall. This "in front" is quite wide, so you may want to select a more detailed location (which exit, etc.). Another good option is to ask to be picked up from in front of the DEPARTURE hall which is much less "stretched out" and it should be easier for you to spot your taxi. The departure hall is at the upper level of the airport building.

An aproximate waiting time for your phone-ordered taxi should not be more than 15-20 minutes (you may also be lucky to get a taxi that is already at the airport).

Luckily, at the airport,  it has become quite reliable to just get a taxi in front of the main airport building - so you shouldn't go wrong if you think that calling is too cumbersome. Sawa taxis have their special area in front of the arrival hall so it seems to be the easiest option. Please, avoid luxury cars with no indications that they belong to taxi corporations, as well as nice gentlemen approaching you in the arrival hall and offering their own taxi service (if you fall victim, then you'll understand how they can afford luxury cars ;))  

  •  from the Warsaw Central (Warszawa Centralna) main railway station

Taxi ride from the train station should take about 10-15 minutes (traffic permitting) and cost you no more than about 8 Euro (daytime). 

At the train station, taxi drop-off/pick-up points are at two opposite sides of the main hall. It is quite easy to distinguish them, as from one side of the building you have a busy street and the high Marriott Hotel across it, and from the other side you have no street and no Marriott, but a city bus terminal :) To get to the main hall from the train platform, you will need to go two levels up. Follow the signs to (as we remember) "hala kasowa" (which basically means "main ticket counter hall") or perhaps "hala główna" (main hall) – this is where you want to go, and then exit to the left or right.

The situation with catching a taxi migh not be as simple as it is at the Okęcie airport. The train station area is still "under custody" of  organised groups of "business-smart" taxi drivers who want to take advantage of unfamiliar travelers and overcharge them heavily.  So, catching a random taxi is not a good idea and calling a corporation is highly recommended. However, Sawa taxi declares that they have their official waiting area, from the city bus terminal side, and they swear that one can safely (and according to "fair play" rules) just get onto a Sawa taxi waiting there.

By bus:

Tickets: you can get them at newspaper stands at both the airport and the train station. A single-fare ticket costs !2,80! PLN, and a 24-hour ticket costs !9,00! PLN. You have to validate a fresh single-fare ticket on every bus you'll use (so, when you change, you'll need two single-fare tickets). You do it by sliding the ticket into a slot in the big yellow validator  (magnetic strip facing down). You should validate the 24-hour ticket only in the first bus (tram, metro) you enter. The same ticket is fine for all bus lines mentioned above (as well as trams and metro). In emergency, you may be able (no guarantee!) to get tickets from the bus driver but in this case you'll have to carry exactly 3 PLN in small coins for each ticket (there's a 0,6 PLN surcharge and the driver will probably not give you any change).

  • from the Okęcie International Airport:

As mentioned above, luckily the airport is located within the city so you can use public municipal transportation. You should take a bus number 175 or 188. The airport is the terminal stop for both lines so it's hard to go wrong :) Their stops are more or less in front of the arrival hall. Bus routes (list of bus stops) are displayed inside the buses, and names of bus stops are displayed on the bus-stop booths.

Line 175 (direction Plac Piłsudskiego): get off at Nowy Świat street - Foksal bus stop (right after the bus makes a left turn at a round-about intersection with a funny artificial palm tree stuck in the middle). Cross the street and change to bus number 116 or 195 (direction: back towards the palm tree :). Get off at Sobieskiego Street, Dolna bus stop (on your map, it's near the bottom, where Belwederska turns into "Jana..."). From there, take a short walk along Chełmska street.

Line 188 (direction Szaserów): you will be travelling along two wide divided streets. Get off at Al. Armii Ludowej street, bus stop "Plac na Rozdrożu". This will be immediately after you've gone under the third underpass/tunnel which you'll have on your way along the second wide street (not counting pedestrian bridges). Walk up the stairs to the square above, cross the street through an underground pedestrian crossing (walk a little bit to your right from the place at which you've just emerged onto the square) and change to bus 116 or 195, proceeding as previously.

  •  from the Warsaw Central (Warszawa Centralna) main railway station

The buses you want to take leave from right in front of the Marriott Hotel, across the busy street (Aleje Jerozolimskie) from the station building. From there, you can either take bus number 175 and proceed as above (to the palm tree :), or take bus number 501 (red number) which will take you directly to the Sobieskiego street/Dolna bus stop described above. Please, make sure to find yourselves across the street from the station (several underground crossings available, all are one level up from the train platforms) - otherwise you'll travel in the wrong direction :)

Good luck and looking forward to seeing you after a safe and trouble-free arrival!! :)

Here you can also download a KMZ file with the location of the venue.

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