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Welcome to the CASCADOSS Project website!
This Project website consists of three major sections: ABOUT, EVENTS and EVALUATION.

The ABOUT section presents objectives and tasks to be pursued by the Project Team. It also includes information on FOSS4G (Free and Open Source Software for Geomatics) community and other projects relevant in scope to the CASCADOSS Project. The information has been prepared in several language versions.

The EVENTS section (prepared in English version) is devoted to the International Symposium and International Training Workshop that is organized within the CASCADOSS Project. In this section one can find all information regarding these events: agendas , registration form , etc. After completion of the Symposium and the Workshop, all resulting materials and
reports are made available in this section.

The EVALUATION section (also in English) contains the results of work performed by evaluation teams. In this section, we present the outcomes of their evaluation and a review of identified and characterized open-source solutions. We also plan to include in the EVALUATION section a description of evaluation criteria and methodology developed within the Project.

The CASCADOSS Project aims at building up a critical mass of Open Source users within the GMES  (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security) society, which could support each other in finding open source solutions for environmental related problems.

To achieve this goal CASCADOSS sets up a “trans-national cascade training programme on Open Source GIS & Remote Sensing software for environmental applications”.  This cascade training program is divided into three phases.

An extensive study is conducted on issues related to Open Source GIS & Remote Sensing technology:
  1. A wide range of Open Source GIS & RS software projects is reviewed and evaluated.  The best open Source GIS & RS projects are identified and documented,
  2. A wide range of environmental applications build on top of Open Source GIS&RS Software are reviewed and evaluated.  The best Open Source-based environmental applications are identified and documented.
  3. The different types of business models / added value services that can be built on top of the Open Source GIS & RS technology are explored and documented.
  4. The complex Open Source licensing policy is screened and translated into a comprehensive guide on Open Source legal issues.

The experience gained from this study is disseminated across Europe through the following information workshops:

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